Welcome to Wild Alchemy; a hub for the celestial conjurers, awe-inspiring artists, eco warriors, and free-spirited creators wandering the internet.

Al·che·my ✨any magickal power or process of transmuting a common substance into something of great value.

We are all alchemists in our own right; each and every day we create things of great value from the common substances found growing in our gardens, and stowed away in our pantries. Delicious, sumptuous culinary masterpieces are prepared from simple ingredients. Nutrient dense, youth sustaining components and compounds are harvested from the Earth and used in beauty products by women globally. Here you’ll find the resources to hone and refine your own personal brand of magick/alchemy. Check out our blog section to see innovative DIY projects for the organic beauty enthusiast, recipes for the self inspired home cook and more.




Good luck, and happy conjuring fellow Alchemists,

The Wild Alchemist  💋