Hello, and welcome to my little slice of the internet, wanderers. After many years of struggling to keep my head above water financially and longing to, not only follow my dreams, but make some sort of a difference in the world, the idea for a blog came to me. At first I didn’t believe it was possible, and I questioned whether or not anyone would even want to read what I had to say. But after much reflection and deep thought on the topic I finally mustered up the courage to take a leap of faith and start wildalchemy.org. A website borne of love and dedicated to the betterment of the collective as a whole. In the blog section of our website I post regularly about health related topics regarding the body, mind and soul. As well as articles on increasing your personal alchemy, and cultivating a sense of magick and wonder in day-to-day life. Additionally weekly tarot card readings will be posted for all zodiac signs.

Here’s hoping my small contribution to this oversaturated market helps in some way 🙃 ha ha

Wishing you the very best in the magickal journey we call life and sending you all so much Love&Light,  The Wild Alchemist 💋