Notes from The Druidcraft Apothecary: Strawberry-Orange Creamsicle Face Mask

Do you long to shine bright like the diamond you are but have been held back by your peasant-like budget?! 🙃

I have the perfect solution for you: The Wild Alchemist’s Strawberry-Orange Creamsicle Face Mask

The combination of a fresh strawberry, honey and orange essential oil in this facial mask gives it a delightful fruity smell, while it’s skin brightening and anti-aging effects will make your skin appear more glowy&youthful. In other words: you’ll shine bright like a diamond, Queen! 😉

strawberry coverphoto.JPG

1 fresh strawberry (organic is best)
1/4 tsp organic, unpasteurized honey
1 tbsp clay (organic, cosmetic grade)
3 drops orange essential oil

All varieties of clay would work well in this mask but I have a preference for french green clay because of it’s anti-aging qualities and mineral content. But for the purpose of this blog post and because it is the most widely available clay I have used bentonite from Now Solutions.
In order to get the most out of this mask you should exfoliate your skin prior to applying it and follow it up with a good (but light) moisturizer; use twice weekly.

Remove stem and mash strawberry with fork in small bowl (ensure as little fibrous tissue is left as possible)

It should look something like this:
Add clay
Mix well with wooden spoon (using metal can deactivate the clay and lessen it’s effectiveness)
Add essential oil, mix well
Add honey, mix well (at this time you should have a paste that will spread easily onto your face)

Your finished product should look similar to this:
Apply mixture to face and leave on until dry (about 20 minutes)
Rinse using warm water and face cloth
Peer into mirror and admire glowy skin 😉

*ProTip To maximize the pore penetration when wearing this mask fill your bathroom sink or a lrg bowl with scalding hot water, rest your head above the bowl/sink and place a towel over your head. The steam will open your pores and allow the mixture to sink deep into them; pulling out any oils your sebaceous glands may have produced or unwanted dirt&grime.


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