Healing after Heartache: How to Open Yourself up to Love again


You miss out on life if you keep your heart closed. Before this year my heart was hidden away in a tower somewhere, under lock and key, with a full host of guards defending it ha ha. But through the passage of time and the love of a very special person I’ve realized how much happiness I was holding myself back from experiencing. Don’t let yourself miss out on life’s blessings due to fear of past circumstances repeating themselves. That doesn’t mean they won’t, mind you. Anything is possible….but that’s the beauty of life, isn’t it?

Possibility. So long as you’re alive, the possibilities are endless. Your potential to love and be happy is infinite. Yet, life itself is finite and each passing moment, fleeting. That’s the trick to it all though, and the trap of the ego… to make us focus on that which is most often fleeting, and has no long term bearing on our lives. And it does this through negative neurolinguistic patterns and limiting beliefs. It keeps all of us trapped in some way during the course of our lives; it holds us each back… When the truth of the matter is: we’re limitless beings, absolutely fucking infinite.
So, stop letting the past, your ego and the fucked up agendas of others tell you otherwise. Instead tell yourself: I am a limitless, amazing, magical, fucking creature!!!

Now go, and blogpostlove4.jpgYou magical beast 😉


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