The Hangover Burger (Vegetarian)


Going out to drink tonight? Try this beauty on for size when you peel yourself off the mattress tomorrow morning 🙃
It’s simple, easy and quick to make; so it won’t pain you too much to make it after a night of drinking 😉. And it’s packed full of B group vitamins, protein, Thiamin, and Zinc. The combination of which is guaranteed to remedy even the worst of hangovers 🍻🤮 and give you a nice boost of energy.

1 Yves “The Good” veggie burger
1 hamburger bun
1 tbsp olive oil
2 slices old cheese
4-6 tbsp BBQ sauce (preferably western smokehouse variety)
2 tbsp onion
1 large egg
1 tbsp butter
lettuce (enough to cover burger)
1 tbsp mayonnaise (and any other condiments you desire)
Salt&pepper, to taste

Take out two small frying pans and place each on a small burner; one with the butter in it, the other with the olive oil.
Set both burners on medium high heat until contents are warmed/melted.
Then, turn the one with butter down to medium and leave the other on medium/high. Crack the egg into the pan with butter, while leaving the yolk whole.
Place the Yves veggie burger inside the pan with olive oil, while carefully coating both sides in the olive oil before setting it down into the pan (this helps with browning/flavor).
While the egg and burger are cooking, chop up the two tbsp of onion and slice your cheese.
By this time the burger should be ready to flip, as will the egg.
Once both are flipped watch your egg closely and allow it to cook until desired doneness; I prefer a bit of yolk running still when I apply it to my burger.
Once your egg is done the burger should be ready for BBQ sauce (you want the burger to be a golden brown on both sides)
Before applying the BBQ sauce you want to empty your frying pan of any excess olive oil.
Then, turn your burner’s temp down to low and turn on your broiler to toast your hamburger bun.
Set bun face-side down on oven rack at the top of oven, close to the broiler and the front end of the oven then close over your oven door. I like to leave it open a bit so I can more easily keep an eye on my bun.
While the bun is toasting you may then apply BBQ sauce generously to both sides of burger.
Once the BBQ sauce is absorbed into the burger you can add your cheese on top. To speed up it’s melting process I like to top my frying pan with another pan of equal size and turn my burner off. This allows the cheese to melt by way of the steam without cooking your burger anymore than it needs to be (the steam also helps to keep it moist)
Around this time your bun should be nicely toasted.
Remove it, turn the broiler off and set bun on your plate in preparation of building your burger.
After your cheese is melted it is finally time to assemble your hangover busting masterpiece 😏
The mayonnaise goes on the bottom of your bun, followed by the onion, burger, egg, lettuce and any other condiment(s) you chose to use would go on the top portion of the bun.
Now it’s time to banish that hangover! Eat and enjoy! 🤤🤩



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